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October 16, 2018

Use the LEAF Smart Benefits Calculator to Improve Your Bottom Line!

One in four employees are expected to leave their jobs in 2018, gouging companies with $600 billion in turnover costs.


What can competitive companies do to stay out of the red? Calculate exactly what it takes to retain the best employees before they become a statistic.


We created a Human Capital ROI Calculator that helps you determine how to reduce turnover by offering perceptive benefits like Student Loan Repayment and 529 College Savings.

Discover what your company can do to save real dollars and attract and retain top talent by testing it out.


Type your unique organizational scenario, and our interactive calculator will depict how compelling benefits programs will enhance your business’s bottom line. Analyze the return on your human capital investments while we do the math.


Are you already prepared to implement the benefit countless studies say Millennials value the most? Sign up with LEAF for College Savings and Student Loan Repayment plans that integrate seamlessly into your existing payroll system.   


To save, or not to save? That’s never a question.

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